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Headline Articles--February 15-21, 1999

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M. Watson, S. Lloyd, J. Davidson, L. Meyer, R. Eeles, S. Ebbs, and V. Murday

The Impact of Genetic Counselling on Risk Perception and Mental Health in Women with a Family History of Breast Cancer.

British Journal of Cancer Volume 79, Number 5/6 (February 1999)

Marilynn Larkin

Parkinson's Disease Research Moves on Briskly.

The Lancet Volume 353, Number 9152 (February 13, 1999)

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Caroline M. Tanner, Ruth Ottman, Samuel M. Goldman, Jonas Ellenberg, Piu Chan, Richard Mayeux, and J. William Langston

Parkinson Disease in Twins: An Etiologic Study.

JAMA--The Journal of the American Medical Association Volume 281, Number 4 (January 27, 1999): 341-346.

Edward Giovannucci

Tomatoes, Tomato-Based Products, Lycopene, and Cancer: Review of the Epidemiologic Literature.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute Volume 91, Number 4 (February 17, 1999): 317-331.

**An abstract of this article is currently available through the Web site of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute--Oxford University Press**

Thomas Bodenheimer

The American Health Care System -- Physicians and the Changing Medical Marketplace. (United States, healthcare)

The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 340, Number 7 (February 18, 1999)

**The complete text of this article is currently available through the Web site of The New England Journal of Medicine**

Maria T. Zuber

Planetary Science: Snapshots of an Ancient Cover-up. (Mars)

Nature Volume 397, Number 6720 (February 18, 1999): 560-561.

Alfred S. McEwen, Michael C. Malin, Michael H. Carr, and William K. Hartmann

Voluminous Volcanism on Early Mars Revealed in Valles Marineris. (volcano, volcanoes, volcanos)

Nature Volume 397, Number 6720 (February 18, 1999): 584-586.

William K. Hartmann, Michael Malin, Alfred McEwen, Michael Carr, Larry Soderblom, Peter Thomas, Ed Danielson, Phillip James, and Joseph Veverka

Evidence for Recent Volcanism on Mars from Crater Counts. (volcano, volcanos, volcanoes)

Nature Volume 397, Number 6720 (February 18, 1999): 586-589.

Michael C. Malin and Michael H. Carr

Groundwater Formation of Martian Valleys. (Mars, water)

Nature Volume 397, Number 6720 (February 18, 1999): 589-591.

P. C. Thomas, M. C. Malin, M. H. Carr, G. E. Danielson, M. E. Davies, W. K. Hartmann, A. P. Ingersoll, P. B. James, A. S. McEwen, L. A. Soderblom, and J. Veverka

Bright Dunes on Mars. (topography, sand, landscape, land)

Nature Volume 397, Number 6720 (February 18, 1999): 592-594.

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