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Headline Articles--January 11-17, 1999

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Richard D. Alward, James K. Detling, and Daniel G. Milchunas

Grassland Vegetation Changes and Nocturnal Global Warming.

Science Volume 283, Number 5399 (January 8, 1999): 229-231.

Eliot Marshall

Which Jefferson Was the Father? (DNA, Thomas Jefferson, paternity)

Science Volume 283, Number 5399 (January 8, 1999): 153-155.

Fred Pearce

Breathe Easy. (... about the health effects of radon exposure)

New Scientist Volume 161, Number 2169 (January 16, 1999): see issue.

Robert Kuttner

The American Health Care System -- Health Insurance Coverage.

The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 340, Number 2 (January 14, 1999): 163-168.

**The full text of this article is currently available through the Web site of
The New England Journal of Medicine**

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