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Kristine A. Knuti, Robert H. Wharton, Karen Levine Wharton, Bruce A. Chabner, Thomas J. Lynch, Jr., and Richard T. Penson

Living as a Cancer Surpriser: A Doctor Tells His Story. (... an account of a doctor who was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. Despite receiving extensive treatment with chemotherapy and radiation over the period of approximately one year and eight months, the doctor's condition worsened to the point where his death from cancer seemed imminent. At that point, the doctor began taking an experimental drug in order to better manage his pain. Unexpectedly, however, the experimental drug brought about significant clinical improvement [in his condition] during the next several months.
The story of this physician [caregiver] who was also a cancer patient provides an illuminating perspective on the illness experience which can help other caregivers to better understand and support all patients who face serious illnesses. Just like any patient with cancer, patient-caregivers experience the dramatic changes in health, daily life, and perspective that come with serious illness. Within the context of a life-threatening illness, ... patients and their families search for new meaning as they face an uncertain future and address the issues of life and death. This article movingly describes one such search. Other keywords and phrases -- children, family, hospice, Iressa, life, living, palliative care, physician, spouse, wife -- from the abstract and text of the article)

The Oncologist Volume 8, Number 1 (February 2003): 108122.

**The complete text of the article is currently available through the Web site of The Oncologist**

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