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Feature Articles--June 26-July 2, 2000

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Other Articles of Note:

Carolyn Hull Sieg, Curtis H. Flather, and Stephen McCanny

Recent Biodiversity Patterns in the Great Plains: Implications for Restoration and Management. (... an extensive historical and current review of the state of the environment within the Great Plains of the Central United States and Canada. The authors assess the long-term environmental health of the Great Plains by looking at its biodiversity [which encompasses ecosystems, communities, species and genes]. The authors conclude that in the long run, however, sustaining biodiversity in the Great Plains, and the goods and services that we derive from it, will depend on how successfully we can restore ecosystem function. Other keywords and phrases -- bird, burning, endangered species, exotic, fescue, fire, fragmentation, genetic diversity, grazing, habitat, invasive, management, patches, prairie, preservation, restoration, sustainability, tallgrass, threatened species, vegetation -- from the text of the article; please see the extensive bibliography)

Great Plains Research Volume 9, Number 2 (Fall 1999): 277-313.

Sherwood B. Idso, Bruce A. Kimball, George R. Pettit III, Lynnette C. Garner, George R. Pettit, and Ralph A. Backhaus

Effects of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment on the Growth and Development of Hymenocallis Littoralis (Amaryllidaceae) and the Concentrations of Several Antineoplastic and Antiviral Constituents of its Bulbs. (... as the amount of carbon dioxide [CO2] in Earth's atmosphere continues to increase, a number of studies have been done over the past 20 years testing what effect this greater amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has on the growth and development of various kinds of plants. In this study, the effect of elevated CO2 in the atmosphere was tested on a plant with value to medicine--the tropical spider lily or Hymenocallis littoralis produces bulbs which contain several substances that show promise of becoming important agents in the battle against a number of human cancers and viral infections. The authors found that a 400-700 ppm [75%] increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration led to a 48% increase in aboveground growth and a 56% increase in belowground [bulb] growth in the tropical spider lily. CO2-induced changes in bulb chemical constituent concentrations [production of the potentially valuable anticancer and/or antiviral compounds in its bulbs] were smaller and more variable. Other keywords and phrases -- climate change, enrichment, global warming, greenhouse effect -- from the text of the article)

American Journal of Botany Volume 87, Number 6 (June 2000): 769-773.

**An abstract of the article is currently available through the Web site of American Journal of Botany**

John K. Iglehart

Revisiting the Canadian Health Care System. (... an analysis and review of the publicly-funded health care system of Canada. This author had previously reviewed the Canadian health care system in 1990. The author concludes that it is uncertain whether Canada will continue to stand alone among industrialized nations in banning the sale of private insurance for publicly covered hospital and medical services. Compared to the early 1990's, opinion polls indicate that a much lower percentage of citizens rate the health care system in Canada as excellent or good and there is growing concern among Canadians about their beloved health care system. Other keywords and phrases -- healthcare, hospital, physician, provincial health insurance, universal coverage -- from the text of the article; please see the bibliography)

The New England Journal of Medicine Volume 342, Number 26 (June 29, 2000): 2007-2012.

**The complete text of the article is currently available through the Web site of The New England Journal of Medicine**

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