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What about the rest of us? We may not be students in the formal sense and we may not be teaching classes. However, we still have a need to track down authoritative information regarding scientific topics that we hear mentioned on the news, read in the newspaper, that are mentioned to us by a doctor, etc.

How to proceed? You've come to the right place; Strategian exists to assist individuals to effectively find the quality information they need and seek.

  • For an easy-to-follow guide that can step you through a basic process for finding the information you need, try the Information Strategy.
  • Just heard something reported on the news or just seen a brief article in the paper? Search the Strategian Science Database and/or try the bibliographies under Hot Topics for a link to the articles and other publications that may have been mentioned and/or provide useful background information.

A little explanation about the points above ...

As you go through the Information Strategy, you may get the impression that the pages seem to be aimed more at--and thus the Strategy may only work for--the student who is facing some formal school assignment. However, that's definitely not the case. The Information Strategy will work just as well for you as for the college or high school student.

The items that make up the Strategian Science Database are collected on an ongoing basis. The articles, books, documents, Internet Sites, and reference publications selected strive to make scientific topics relevant to all by providing authoritative, understandable information.

Questions about any or all of the above? Please let me know.

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