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Are you less than satisfied with the way your students are using information resources available over the Internet? Are they taking information from Internet sites and using it in papers, presentations, and the like with little regard for its validity, objectivity, and appropriateness? Would it be useful to provide them with a strategy for tracking down the information needed--in whatever format it appears in--to fulfill the assignments you give them?

Are you not so satisfied with your own use of the Internet? Would you like a potentially quick way to identify the articles, books, and other publications that can make Science understandable and real to your students--information useful, perhaps, for class discussions, paper topics, etc.? Would you like an easier way to identify Internet sites that provide continuing high-quality information? Sites that you might potentially use for your own research but, more likely, sites that you can recommend to your students and, perhaps, link to a class Web page? And, in that vein, would you like a Web site that makes linking to it a more precise endeavour and does not send you and your students to links that have nothing to do with the information you are interested in?

If you have answered "yes" to any of the above, you have come to the right place. Strategian exists to assist individuals to effectively find the quality information they need and seek.

  • For a basic four-step process that will assist your students to define, identify, locate, and, especially, critically evaluate information for their papers, presentations, labs, etc., point them to the Information Strategy.
  • For articles, books, high-quality Internet sites (complete with reviews and how-to-use instructions), and other publications that can make Science understandable to your students, try the Strategian Science Database. For lists of publications on specific topics, try the bibliographies under Hot Topics.
  • For a broader view of the information-related knowledge your students may need to operate effectively in today's world, check out Information Literacy.

A little explanation about the points above ...

I have taught the Information Strategy detailed on these pages since the late 1980's. It works for virtually any topic. While it is certainly not the only way to go about efficiently finding quality information needed for an assignment, it is an effective tried-and-true set of steps that can assist students and others who find themselves somewhat unsure or overwhelmed (whether they admit it or not) with the process of putting together the information they need.

A few words about linking to any of the Strategian Web pages ...

You will notice, once you start exploring these pages (for instance, the Information Strategy), that they are constructed as modules. In other words, all of the applicable pages are interlinked. The links lead only to other pages that make sense and add to the information presented; there are no links that lead you or your students to pages that are completely extraneous. Thus, you can link a personal, institutional, or class Web page to any of the Strategian pages without having to worry that your students will lose their way among the information presented. This arrangement gives you more control over the information you present to a class.

Questions about any or all of the above? Please let me know.

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