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   Andrew Freedman
   Climate change is happening before our eyes. All over the world–“from Japan to the Middle East, and North America to Europe,” the heat waves, floods, droughts, and wild fires “have clear links to human-caused climate change.” What’s happening globally this year was predicted decades ago. What we are seeing now are extremes–heat and rainfall (too much or too little). A warmer, wetter climate has exerted “its influence on day-to-day weather.” "As average global temperatures increase, the impacts of climate change are becoming more visible” and are happening right now impacting places like Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, etc. “where hundreds of millions of people live.” We need to try to prevent further extreme changes but also mitigate and adapt to the climate changes already happening. What are you doing individually? Are you holding decision-makers to account?
   2018's global heat wave is so pervasive it's surprising scientists

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