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   Alexandra Sifferlin
   Diseases like the Zika virus and malaria are spread by mosquitoes and fleas; it’s a problem worldwide especially in the developing world but also in wealthier countries. To prevent the spread of these diseases, insecticides and bed nets are currently often used. “Vaccines are also under development … but few are approved for use.” A recent study suggests another possible treatment–isoxazolines. These drugs are currently approved for use in dogs to protect against fleas and ticks. The study suggests that a single dose of 260 to 410 mg in humans could help protect against mosquito and fly bites for 50 to 90 days. Isoxazolines are seen more as a rapid response option in areas where diseases like Zika and malaria are widespread.
   How a Drug For Pets May Help Prevent Zika and Malaria

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